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Dear artists,

Thank you for your interest in New Age Stars Radio and Newagemusic.guide! Over the years I have helped 100s of artists with PR, and I would love to help you too. Music promoting is never easy, and in this day and age you need to use every imaginable PR channel to build and maintain your fan base. I hope I can make it a bit easier for you.

If you would like me to consider your music for playback on New Age Stars Radio and a possible review, send it to bt [@] btfasmer.com as a shared folder. Make sure you have read and followed my guide How to submit music to a webradio station. Note that I get a lot of mail, so it is impossible for me to give all of you an answer. If you would like to send me your CD, consult your New Age Music Promoter. He or she has my mailing address. I do not offer paid reviews at the moment.

The following services Рboth free and paid Рare available: 

Press release on Newagemusic.guide

You have spent years making this record; why not spend 15 minutes writing a press release about it? After all, you know it better than anyone. Don’t feel bad about writing positive about your own music; that is what music PR is all about. This is the quick¬†way to get you and your music featured on Newagemusic.guide.

Send the press release to bt [@] btfasmer.com (in Word format please) with PRESSRELEASE in the header.

Here is an example of a New Age music press release to get you going.

New Age Stars Promotion Pack

If you want to be a featured artist on New Age Stars Radio, I offer the following promotion pack for $69;

  • Your most recent album (or 12 songs of your choosing) on high rotation on New Age Stars Radio for two months. The songs will be played as often as allowed by DMCA (that is; In any three-hour period, not more than three songs (and not more than two songs in a row) from the same recording)

Please send your music to¬†bt [@] btfasmer.com as a shared folder, and your music will play “on air”¬† within 12-16 hrs – or at a time of your choosing. Click Add to cart to purchase:

Add to Cart


Complete New Age Music Promotion Pack

Here you’ll get both the above mentioned promotion on New Age Stars Radio – and the best selection of the below ads for two whole months – at a nice price: 149$. This is great if you have a new album coming out, or you want some extra focus on your discography. Here’s what you get:

  • Your most recent album (or 12 songs of your choosing) on high rotation on New Age Stars Radio for two months
  • Leaderboard ad on Newagemusic.guide – Front page: 692×93 pixels (see below) – for two months.
  • Album art ad on¬†Newagemusic.guide – Subpages (top and bottom of page, see below) – for two months – Click Add to cart to purchase:

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Advertise on Newagemusic.guide

If you search for “New Age Music” on Google, Newagemusic.guide is easy to spot. The page has a long and proud history, and is known by everyone in the business and eager New Age music fans worldwide. If you would like to promote your album here, these are the ad sizes (if you don’t have an ad ready, I can make it for you at no extra price):

Leaderboard – front page – Size: 692×93 pixels

This is the top ad on the front page. It has super visibility on mobile units too; it is the first that loads on the page. Try for yourself; it is impossible not to see it.

Cost: $69 for one month or $129 for two months – Click Add to cart to purchase:

Add to CartExample:

Album Art ad on all sub pages – Size: 336×280 pixels

All sub pages have section to the right. Here on the very top is a great ad space for your album. Cost: $49 for one month or $79 for two months –¬†Click Add to cart to purchase:

Add to CartExample – it is a BIG, highly visible ad:

As you can see, your ad will get premium visibility with any of these packs.

Music icons by zirconicusso. Used under license.