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How I Rate Music

Few topics in our world are more subjective and personal than ones taste in music. It defines who we are and what we stand for. Music is identity and memories. Music can be divine and it can be pure trash.

In the modern media world it is (perhaps) not wrong to say that music matters less than it did between the 1950s and the mid/late 1980s. Back then music could change the world (or at least people thought so). Still music is an important part of our lives, and it is a fact that we consume more music today than before – much thanks to mobile devices and the Internet.

Imusicandwines music reviews important? Perhaps. Perhaps not. When a music lover can scan through and sample 100 songs on her streaming music service in less than 20 minutes, reading reviews seems antiquated. Still I believe in reviewing music, mainly because it puts the album into context and give the artist feedback in the process. Artists are my most devoted readers, which is understandable when they have used years of their lives to create the music in question. I also do reviews because I love New Age music and believe that the genre has a lot to offer in our hectic and busy lives.

When reviewing I use a 100 point scale heavily influenced by the standard wine reviewing scale of Parker and Wine Spectator (because wine, like music, is among the finer things in life). If you are interested in this scale, see information HERE. The strength of the scale is that it is subjective, much more then let’s say a five star scale. I have modified the 100 point scale to fit the world of new age music.

This is how I give score:

100 A one-of-a-kind album. An album that has/will define the genre forever

96-99 An outstanding album. A true classic.

90-95 Among the year’s finest albums. Will last long.

80-89 A simply great album.

75-80 Not the best, but will probably please the most eager fans.

50- 75 From terrible to mediocre

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