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The Biggest New Age Music Collection Ever (seriously)

What is too much music?

In New Age music there’s no shortage of collections for relaxation, yoga, reiki and meditation. But even in this myriad of releases, the below collection from Blue Lagoon Ltd stands out. Just look at it – it’s enormous!

The first question is of course; what kind of music is this? In the past we have looked at mega-selling but not-so-artistically-great releases such as Serenity Spa Music. Is this the case here?

Click the below picture for a large version. Just the picture of this became a file of over 0,5 MB…

Here you can see the track listing on the first collection:

album 1

150+ Hours of Music
The short answer is no. This collection is made of selected tracks from artists such as Karunesh, Mike Rowland, Medwyn Goodall, Asher Quinn, Sangit Om, Aeoliah and Enam. The music used seems to be 10-15 years old in average, but it is far from bad. There’s many great songs to be found here.

Each of the 67 collections contains about 25 tracks, or around 2,5 hours of music. In total this is 150+ hours release. That is a massive amount. The collection is only available as a digital download or for streaming.

Is this a good or bad thing? I really don’t know. One thing is certain though; with the above collection in your music player, you are ready for some serious relaxation…

Sample the collections on Amazon.

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