The Song Gardeners – Sonic Landscape

The Song Gardener's second album, Sonic Landscape, is out! It takes listeners on a musical exploration of the themes of gratitude, guidance and gifts....

How Enigma Redefined New Age Music in the 1990s

In the realm of musical innovation, few projects have left a more prominent mark on the landscape of New Age music as Enigma. Emerging...

Arkai – Ascent

2002 - Love of My Life

Enya's corner

Rediscovering the Music of Enya

Enya has captivated audiences for decades with her unique sound. If you're looking to rediscover or explore Enya's music for the first time, here's...

Echoes of Faith: Exploring the Christian Undertones in Enya’s Music

Enya's music has often been associated with Christian themes and influences, although she herself has not explicitly identified as a Christian artist. In terms...

Enya – Christmas Carols from Cork

It has become a Christmas tradition here on to feature Enya’s Christmas special from 2016, recorded at the historic Honan Chapel at University...

Enya – In Her Own Words

Enya – A Box of Dreams for sale

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