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Welcome to Meditation Music – a sub-division of New Age Music Guide, dedicated to nothing but the best meditation music available. From nature sounds and zen music to yoga and space, we link to music that will enhance your meditation.

Latest Meditation Music Headlines

Max Richter – Sleep: Tranquility Base

Max Richter presents Sleep: Tranquility Base, a thirty-minute EP of new SLEEP music, released on Deutsche Grammophon. Remixes will come from electronic musician Kelly...

David Darling & Hans Christian – Ocean Dreaming Ocean Review

Sometimes the subtitle says it all: An ethereal collaboration. When Mickey Houlihan, the longtime producer of David Darling (1941-2021), offered Hans Christian to work...

Drifting In Silence – Timeless Review

There is a paradoxical quality to ambient music that never fails to fascinate me; how a soundscape so formidable, epic, and almost hostile come...

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