Dear artists,

Over the years I have helped many artists extending their fan base, and in doing so I have written over 2 500 posts about New Age music. I work with Grammy winners and newcomers alike.

I would LOVE to receive a press release for your music. Kindly send it to bt[at] , and I’ll publish it here on and include it in my daily newsletter.

Also, if you would like to send your music to me, please send it to me as mp3 files via OneDrive, Dropbox or similar.

If you are unsure if your material can be labeled as New Age music, don’t hesitate to contact me on email bt [at] – and I will give you an honest answer 🙂

Please note that I receive A LOT of music (10-15 every day) – and it is impossible for me to give you all the responses you deserve. If you don’t get a reply from me, it is NOT a reflection on your music. 

If you already have purchased a PR pack from me, it will be delivered in accordance with the plan.

BT Fasmer – bt[at]

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