Dear artists,

I know you have not come here because you want your music promoted. No, you want your music to be loved.

Over the years I have helped many artists extending their fan base, and in doing so I have written over 2 500 posts about New Age music. I work with Grammy winners and newcomers alike.

When you become a artist, you gain access to a network that has been under constant development for the last 13 years. Just Google #newagemusic, and you will see how this page, channel, and playlists have helped keep New Age music relevant during the last decade. But it would have been nothing if it hadn’t been for you; the artists. This page is about YOU.

If you are unsure if your material can be labeled as New Age music, don’t hesitate to contact me on email bt [at] – and I will give you an honest answer 🙂

First I suggest you read my “About page“. Then I ask you kindly to check out two testimonials regarding me and the service I offer to the New Age music community:

BT Fasmer is an icon in the genre

Julie Yannatta
Founder & CEO – Be Why Music
White Sun – New Age Music Grammy 2017  // Opium Moon New Age Music Grammy 2018

Moving on, here is Peter Kater’s one-sheet for the album “Wings” – submitted to the press prior to the Grammys. (I’m not taking any credit for him winning the award – he did that all by himself – but it shows the actual one-sheet with a quite at the very top – click image to download PDF):

My products are affordable and offer great value “right of the box” – and in the years to come. My goal is to get your music on the New Age Music Chart and onto my permanent playlists. is doing very well on Google, so all my products come with SEO built-in when I link to your page 👍

If it was up to me, all my products would have been free of charge. I have written 100s of reviews for free. But since I have to pay royalties in accordance with current US and international agreements, I have to charge a fee. By hiring me, you sponsor New Age music artists like yourself. It is not just something I’m saying. It is the truth.

I offer three different products:

1. Become a featured artist on one of the most popular New Age music channels on the net: New Age Stars Radio on Your music will be played as much as allowed by the DMCA.

2. Album review on My reviews are known and trusted by fans and artists alike.

3. New Age Music PUSH! I’ll recommend and distribute your music to New Age music radio hosts worldwide, people who know and trust the brand. When you buy no. 2 you also get no. 1. And when you buy no. 3, 1 and 2 are included.

My refund policy is: 100 % happy or full refund, no questions asked.

Become a New Age Stars Artist!

If you want to be a featured artist on New Age Stars Radio/, I offer the following promotion pack for $59.

  • Your most recent album (or 12 songs of your choosing) on high rotation on New Age Stars Radio for a whole month. The songs will be played as often as allowed by DMCA (that is; In any three-hour period, not more than three songs (and not more than two songs in a row) from the same recording)
  • BONUS: When you purchase this pack, there’s a good chance some of your tracks may be included in the permanent playlist on the channel, to be played for years and years to come.
  • When you purchase this pack, you can call yourself a genuine New Age Stars Artist in one sheets, press releases, web pages ect.

Please send your music to bt [@] as a shared folder, and your music will play “on air”  within 12-16 hrs – or at atime of your choosing.

Click Add to cart to purchase (via Paypal):


Review + New Age Stars Artist

This product contains everything from the above web radio pack, plus a comprehensive review of your album. I love writing music reviews! It is my passion. My reviews are honest and I am not afraid of being critical. That said, I always do my best to find the beauty in each piece.

I know that if I am too positive – or try to oversell a bad album – anyone with access to Youtube or Spotify will correct me ASAP. My comments section is open for everyone, and is visible on the front page. You can see my most recent reviews here, to give you an idea of what to expect. My reviews will be posted on the front page of, and in my daily newsletter. I also post to Amazon and iTunes US.

The review is yours; feel free to use it in any way you want. Full text copying is ok. You don’t even have to link back.

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New Age Music PUSH! + Review + New Age Stars Artist

New Age Music PUSH! (NAMP!) is the newest member of the family. It is an affordable and effective music distribution platform focusing on European radio channels (both web and terrestrial radios). The radio hosts will receive your music with a personal message and recommendation by If your music fits their programming, they may download it through NAMP! and feature it on their channel.

I only approach radio hosts that I know personally (after having worked in the business since 2008), and I also proactively trade material that will be featured on my channel (New Age Stars/ in exchange for your music being featured on their channels.

NAMP! works like this:

  • After your music has been reviewed by me, I make a dedicated page on featuring text from the review and a download button to an encrypted zip-file with your music.
  • I then send a personal email to all my contacts (currently 70 business insiders), one by one, telling about your music and how it will fit their program I don’t use any mass mailing services, to avoid spam filters. I take no shortcuts when emailing, using a trusted and “email safe” domain.
  • The radio hosts click on the included link and visit your dedicated page on Here they can download the ZIP file and use a password that was included in the email to decrypt the music files.
  • Each time the ZIP file is downloaded, it gets logged and counted. You can follow how New Age Music PUSH! is performing by following a link you get from me. Here you can see the number of times the music has been downloaded.
  • I will also share all the feedback I get with you, positive or negative:

Many radio promoters start at $2000 or more. New Age Music PUSH! costs only $249! It contains both the above New Age Stars Artist/ for 6 months + review + the possibility of being featured on radio channels worldwide! So the price for New Age Music PUSH! is really only $100, since all other products are included too.

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Custom New Age Music PR Agreement

Let me promote your entire catalog while you are busy in the studio working on your new album!

You can do your thing, knowing that your music PR is in the best of hands. Contact me and we will make a plan – and do it 100 %

BT Fasmer – bt[at]

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