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I hope you will enjoy your stay, and find music that is both relaxing and refreshing.

Newagemusic.guide and the Spotify playlist New Age Music Radio are links between dedicated artists, both major and independent, and loyal New Age music fans. This page and channel bring artists and fans closer together through streaming music, reviews and interviews. I pride myself in being an independent and trustworthy source for “everything New Age music”.

kitaro-likeThe Newagemusic.guide under the Newagemusic.nu domain was launched in May 2008 and has since day one been a welcome addition to the New Age music scene. On 15 May 2018 I celebrated my 10 year anniversary as a blogger. New Age Music Guide has been acknowledged as a part of the new music media by leading labels both in US and Europe. The site is known to be visited regularly by Grammy winners, top music business executives and hardcore New Age music fans alike. In 2012 the blog moved to the domain Newagemusic.info.

I’m delighted to have just discovered your website. I look forward to reading your past articles and keep up with your much-appreciated service in support of the music. Thank you. Keep on keeping on…

Steven Halpern

Many people comment my articles. This is one of the very finest:

Here’s a personal greeting from Laura Sullivan – Winner for New Age music at the 56th Annual Grammy Awards:

Greeting from one of the New Age music Grammy winners, Ricky Key, at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards:

Personal thanks from White Sun, New Age music Grammy winners at the 58th Annual Grammy Awards:

This page has been quoted many times.  I especially like this from the Sydney Morning Herald (“All Stars Radio awards in the US” refers to this article) – and by some of the finest artists around:

1 January 2014 the blog changed name to New Age Music Odyssey, hosted on the domain btfasmer.com. When the .guide top domain became available, it seemed like a perfect match to the genre name – so the page was moved to Newagemusic.guide in the summer of 2015 – highly inspired by the two books by the same name (I and II).

Here you can see how the page has changed over the years:

History of New Age Stars Radio

New Age Stars Radio, through Live365.com, came online in December 2008. The channel quickly got over 10.000 registered users and was one of the top 100 channel on the network. In January 2016 Live365.com went out of business. The channel now lives on as a highly popular playlist on Spotify and as a podcast on Mixcloud.

I have a sleep disorder and your station settles me in every night and is the first thing I hear every morning, I love it.


Every morning when I wake up I listen to your radio. It gives me energy and good mood for the whole day. Now I can not imagine my normal day without your radio. My whole family also listens to your radio.


The “What is New Age music” question

A recurring question when you work with this music genre is what to call it. Is New Age music really the right description? Or are zone music, progressive electronic, contemporary instrumental, world fusion, nu ambient, electronic pop or simply chill better words to describe it? It is hard to say. The “problem” with New Age music is the quasi-religious aspects, since there is no obvious connection between this genre and the spiritual New Age movement.

New Age Music is a very interesting genre. It is much larger than people think.

Suzanne Doucet – What is New Age Music

Nevertheless, the use of the term “New Age music” is now so widespread that there is no way back. The important thing is that the term is distinctive; as long as one can understand the difference between jazz, blues, classical and New Age music, the term is OK. But it is not perfect, we’ll agree to that.

Read the complete United Press Int. article from 1987 here.

New Age music does something wonderful to the nervous system. It settles you down into a deep state of relaxation.

Paul Horn

The world of New Age music is a divided one. It is a question about labels, either major or independent, and about geography – the US scene being the biggest, but Europe and Asia are also important markets. Time is also a factor. Most of today’s major artists debuted in the late 70s and early 80s. There are few new major stars in this genre, but a large number of independent artists – and the number is growing every month thanks to the Internet. For a sub genre like New Age music, we believe the internet has only been positive. A lot of today’s artist would not have been published by the big music business, since it doesn’t have mass appeal. At the same time the music industry has given opportunities to some truly great artists – and it is a fact that new age artists can sell 70-80 million+ albums (Enya and Jean Michel Jarre)…

This page is simply put my quest for finding the best New Age music possible. I have been a fan for 30 years, and I’m still amazed by its beauty and power.

BT Fasmer – email: bt[at]btfasmer.com

Editor & Web Radio Host