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Constance Hauman – Rare Christmas


The 2020 Holiday season is marked by rare powerful planetary forces, and International artist Constance Hauman has released “Rare Christmas”, a unique meditation for this time. With a solar eclipse, a new moon, the winter solstice and the once in a century Saturn-Jupiter conjunction occurring all in one week, the universe has recreated the ‘Star of Bethlehem’ guiding us back to the purest intention of the season.

In “Rare Christmas” Hauman meditates on the values often sung in traditional Christmas carols, encouraging us to hold these values all year and especially at this Christmas while the world is in turmoil, with two planets here to guide us back in time.

“What do you value?
Who do you value?
There’s only love.
Who do you miss, who do you run to?
That’s what Christmas is…
It’s not just one time of year.
That’s the cosmic message here…”
– Constance Hauman, Rare Christmas

Isotopia Records was founded by Constance Hauman as a platform for self-releasing music which diverged from her past as a celebrated Opera Soprano. In five years, since its inception the roster has grown to reflect a multi-genre roster of real music where traditional artist’s values are celebrated. In addition to Hauman, Isotopia has released music by critically acclaimed Miss Velvet and The Blue Wolf, Kandy Apple Redd, The Brown Goose, and most recently, Paul Natural.

For more information and music samples, visit constancehauman.com

Press release by Thornell Jones, Jr., The Ovation Agency