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Forever Christmas now out



The new album by David Lanz and Kristin Amarie, called Forever Christmas, has now been released. About the album David wrote:


Hi folks…

Now I am originally from Seattle, think rain, and my fiancée, singer composer Kristin Amarie, is from Norway, think snow. But last year, here at home in Upstate New York, we endured one of the coldest and snowiest winters on record…way beyond even Norway’s winters! It seemed to go on and on forever, so we think the title of our new CD, Forever Christmas, seems very fitting… 😉

All winter long, the fireplace was blazing while the snow kept falling, so we took advantage of this extended winter season and composed and conceived Forever Christmas, our new holiday music project.

We were inspired to not only arrange a few of our favorite classic carols, O Holy Night and Silent Night, which we dedicated to our mothers, but more in keeping with our own artistic natures, we wanted to create new music that reflected our feelings about the holidays. We also took the opportunity to improvise musically and vocally with each other, which is where a lot of the magic happens on the record!

I am known primarily as a composer of piano music, but with Kristin’s help, we fashioned a number of wonderful lyrics for our new music. Here is one of those lines from the title track…”What would I wish for all year long, if dreams really did came true? Forever Christmas, peace on earth, only love for me and you…”. And this from,“ Sweet Winter Love”, another original song,..”Candy cane kisses for you, sweet winter love shinning through, mistletoe dreams all coming true. Sugarplums dance to the tune…Gingerbread Man in the Moon…Yes we believe…it’s Christmastime…”

OK, let’s breakout the eggnog:)

Once we had our songs written, we traveled to Seattle, my home town, to work in the studio with my brother, engineer and producer, Gary Lanz, and brought in some of our favorite Seattle players to make the music come to life! My old friends, the Grammy awarding winning guitar/woodwind duo, Eric Tingstad and Nancy Rumbel, Seattle Symphony cellist Walter Gray, and the always great Keith Lowe on upright bass. 

 The album is not yet out on iTunes or Spotify, but it is available on David Lanz’ homepage.


The Kickstarter campaign that was launched for the support of this album was, for unknown reasons, canceled.