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Wychazel & Noel Bannister – Mulled Wine & Mistletoe


I know that there are many Wychazel fans reading this blog, so when Chris Green/Whchazel and Noel Bannister have a new Holiday album ready, I’m happy to be the bearer of glad tidings. Mulled Wine & Mistletoe is out this holiday season.

Mulled Wine & Mistletoe is a collection of early traditional Yuletide music, some dating back to around Tudor times, arranged for sampled instruments of the period plus some modern touches.

Sample the album and find it on your favorite streaming service:

Instruments include Recorders, Crumhorns, Fidule & Viola, Harp, Dulcimer, Frame Drums, Tambourines, Choirs and atmospheric effects. Intended as a continuous play album, not all tracks are divided by silent pauses.

For more information and music samples, wychazel.net/albums.