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MMX – The Social Song: When Enigma Handed the Reins to Their Fans


Enigma’s MMX – The Social Song from 2010 was a groundbreaking collaborative effort. Masterminded by Michael Cretu, the project celebrated Enigma’s 20th anniversary by inviting fans to actively participate in the creation of the song over a three-month period. Enigma’s innovative approach set a precedent for artists to connect with fans in meaningful ways, blurring the lines between creator and listener.

It is hard to understand just how innovative MMX – The Social Song was at the time. Today, artists and fans interact on social media daily. But that was not the case back in 2010. MMX – The Social Song process unfolded in three stages. First, fans submitted original vocal tracks. Then, they voted on musical styles and elements to incorporate. Finally, they created cover art, videos, and a digital booklet, giving credit to all contributors. This user-generated content formed the backbone of the official single release.

Michael Cretu provided behind-the-scenes insights through video updates, making the journey transparent for participants. The result was a truly social song, reflecting the diverse cultures and voices of Enigma’s fanbase.

Following a month-long submission and voting period, Arístides Moreno (Steadycamline) won the video contest, securing the role of music video director. Here is the result: 

MMX – The Social Song pioneered a new level of fan involvement, allowing Enigma’s audience to shape the creative process from start to finish. It garnered over 500,000 downloads. That said, the song has had a relatively minor impact on Enigma’s discography. It was a way to celebrate the music project’s 20th anniversary and create some social media interest. But compared to Cretu’s iconic early albums and singles – and, of course, The Fall Of A Rebel Angel (2016), MMX – The Social Song is far from a fan-favorite. But is a lasting testament to the power of social media music-making in the 2010s and beyond. 

You can check out the many versions of this song on Soundcloud.

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