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Sure Signs of Enigma 8



Not much is known at the moment, but we are now seeing signs that Enigma’s 8th album – or E8 – is well under way. Enigmaspace.com has just changed lay out. Now it features a gate with some sound effects.

Check it out here.

It is interesting though, that this Medieval gate and the voices in the background might indicate that E8 is a return to the style of MCMXC a.D. – which almost is a patented “Enigma sound”.

  • vijay

    This is the best piece of news I have heard in a long long time. Can’t wait for it.

  • enigma

    Yes! Would it be if Enigma 8 was like mcmxc ad ican,t wait!

  • Nix

    The handles to the door are number 8 – nice.

    Reminds me of the entrance to the monastery in the game Zork Nemesis.

  • Lars

    As a big fan of Michael Cretu I cant wait longer! Many greetings from Germany

  • Csr

    I am a long time listener of Enigma Sadness part 1. And i support all the projects after the second and 3 album. However it is the classic Chant that to this day after 59 takes and counting I can’t duplicate or make it better no matter how many music syn. software programs I use. It’s time once again to make history with the classic sounds of MCMXC AD (New Testament) I CANT WAIT!!! Let the new generation Chanting begin… I would also love to hear the enigma team incorporate the Abe bells on reverb.

  • Lex

    it’s clearly not being made at his mansion in ibiza. so it’s back to the dungeons of the soul ‘ey Cretu?

  • Stacy

    This is wonderful. I’ve been waiting almost 5 years for this news.
    The Enigma story isn’t finished.