Enya: A treatise on unguilty pleasures


Chilly Gonzales, a Grammy-winning Canadian musician known for his albums of classical piano compositions with a pop music sensibility, releases on 8th October a book called “Enya: A treatise on unguilty pleasures”. 

“I wrote a book about Enya and the mystery of taste. It’s a musician’s memoir and a treatise on unguilty pleasures,” says Gonzales.

From chillygonzales.com: “Does music have to be smart or does it just have to go to the heart? In dazzling, erudite prose Chilly Gonzales delves beyond the innumerable gold discs and millions of fans to excavate his own enthusiasm for Enya’s singular music and the mysterious musical herself, and along the way to uncover new truths about the nature of music, fame, success and the artistic endeavour.”

The book is available for pre-order here:

English edition (Rough Trade Books)

German edition (Kiwi-Verlag)

French edition (Editions Flammarion)