Enya.com Down For A Whole Year


When Enya.com went offline a year ago, fans hoped that it would quickly reappear with news about an upcoming album – or at least something interesting for her millions of fans. Days became weeks and months – and now a whole year has passed – but Enya.com is still mysteriously down. 

The page has been unavailable for (My My Time Flies):

The strangest part about Enya.com being down, is that her Facebook page has listed the .com-address throughout the year – as if the page was online – as seen above.

The “Dark Sky Island” era webpage that disappeared

There are a few possibilities:

– Enya.com went down due to a technical problem – but was not made available again since the “Dark Sky Island” content was outdated – and the label had no plans to redesign the page before a new album is announced. “The Christmas Secrets” compilation was not a “real” release, and thus no need for a redesign.


– Her Facebook page is all that is needed in terms of PR.

– Enya doesn’t use the internet – and has no use for a website at this stage.

– The label doesn’t care either. Enya is performing OK on Spotify, her music is being licensed for use in commercials, movies ect. and even sells a few CDs too. Enya.com would not booster any of this in 2020-2021.

I tried contacting Enya’s management, but I haven’t heard back (of course):


This whole mess has had an impact on Enya.com’s status on Google. If you search for Enya.com, the page itself doesn’t appear. So if Enya were to rerelease her website today, it would take months – and probably a lot of paid Google ads too – to successfully restore the site’s Google status.

One thing is certain; People expect Enya.com to have a website. A well-run page with lots of information, exclusive music samples, and perhaps even a forum, would for sure create more awareness and streams. Instead, we get nothing, not even a notice that Enya.com is down for a reason. 

While we are waiting, why not check out the below pictures showing how the page has changed over the years?

In 2000 there was not a whole lot on Enya.com:

In 2003 the page was beginning to take shape:

In 2004:The Sumiregusa (Wild Violet) edition

2007, designed by Lee Tobin and Roma Ryan

Here’s the Enya.com “And Winter Came” era, here from 2010:

In 2011, all attention was on The Very Best of Enya:

Since the release of “Dark Sky Island”, the page has looked like the above picture.

Do you miss Enya.com? Or is a website something that an artist doesn’t need in 2021?