Enya.com for sale


The neverending story about Enya.com has taken another surprising turn. The domain linking to Enya’s homepage for the last 20 years is now up for sale! Current bid on Godaddy is, as seen above, 25,000.00 $.  

Update 15 July 2022: The bidding is now over – and the domain is now parked by someone for future use.

Original post: What has happened? Has Enya’s management forgot to pay the yearly bill and now domain sharks starting to bid on the address? A new page on enya.com – an online casino perhaps – might reflect bad on her.

Enya’s Facebook page still lists the .com-address as her homepage:

Enya.com has been down for a LONG time. It went offline (My My Time Flies):

While waiting for the bidding to end, lets take a trip down memory lane. In 2000 there was not a whole lot on Enya.com:

In 2003 the page was beginning to take shape:

In 2004:The Sumiregusa (Wild Violet) edition

2007, designed by Lee Tobin and Roma Ryan

Here’s the Enya.com “And Winter Came” era, here from 2010:

In 2011, all attention was on The Very Best of Enya:

Since the release of “Dark Sky Island”, the page looked like this – before it went offline:

Do you miss Enya.com? Or is a website something that an artist doesn’t need in 2022?

Thanks to Candace 🙂