Enya.com is parked free, courtesy of GoDaddy.com!


The neverending story about Enya.com has taken another turn for the worst. From not opening at all for a whole year, the page now says “Enya.com is parked free, courtesy of GoDaddy.com”.

And the craziest part is that Enya.com is still being used proactively on Enya’s Facebook page:

Perhaps the GoDaddy.com page showed up because the page now has been down for so long?

Enya.com downtime as of writing;

Or perhaps the GoDaddy.com page is a sign that something finally is being done to fix the page? We can only dream 🙂

One thing is certain; People expect Enya.com to have a website. A well-run page with lots of information, exclusive music samples, and perhaps even a forum, would for sure create more awareness and streams. Instead, we get nothing, not even a notice that Enya.com is down for a reason. Now there are even some shady links on the page!

A BIG thanks to Candace for letting us know about the GoDaddy.com template page. 

While we are waiting, why not check out the below pictures showing how the page has changed over the years?

In 2000 there was not a whole lot on Enya.com:

In 2003 the page was beginning to take shape:

In 2004:The Sumiregusa (Wild Violet) edition

2007, designed by Lee Tobin and Roma Ryan

Here’s the Enya.com “And Winter Came” era, here from 2010:

In 2011, all attention was on The Very Best of Enya:

And lastly, the Dark Sky Island era: