Enya – Dark Sky Island out now


Enya’s new album, Dark Sky Island, is now out.

Enya says:

“We take so long to put an album together, that it’s important to us to give ourselves the time in the studio, but this has meant that we had never really/officially taken a break from the studio, a proper break, so when we finished And Winter Came, we felt that it was time to leave the studio for a while”. According to the press release Enya, Nicky and Roma Ryan started working on the album in the spring of 2012. Inspired by Roma’s work on a series of poetry books themed around islands and specifically the island of Sark’s decision to be designated as a dark sky island, the album’s title track was the first song to be written for the collection.

“This album has a theme of journeys,” states Enya. “Journeys to the island; through the length of a lifetime; through history, through emotions; and journeys across great oceans. So although it’s not a ‘themed’ album, as such, we nevertheless have an underlying connection between songs.”

See the interview with Enya:

Album sampler:

Track list:

1. “The Humming…”
2. “So I Could Find My Way”
3. “Even in the Shadows”
4. “The Forge of the Angels”
5. “Echoes in Rain”
6. “I Could Never Say Goodbye”
7. “Dark Sky Island”
8. “Sancta Maria”
9. “Astra et Luna”
10. “The Loxian Gates”
11. “Diamonds on the Water”