Enya – In Her Own Words


Enya’s interviews provide valuable insights into her music, her creative process, and her inspirations. In Her Own Words is a 1989 interview, available on Spotify.

The audio quality is so-so, but it gives an interesting insight into an early and very important phase in Enya’s career. Watermark is still a pillar in Enya’s discography.

In Her Own Words tells about her creative process, which is meticulous and detail-oriented, and how she draws inspiration from a wide range of sources. She is particularly inspired by the beauty of the Irish landscape, and often incorporates sounds of nature into her music.

Enya talks about how she draws inspiration from a variety of sources. Listening to music can be challenging to her, because it makes her focus on every aspect of the composition.

The interview also gives an interesting insight into the music business at the time.

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