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Enya is richer than Adele



In The Sunday Times’ list of Music Millionaires of Britain and Ireland, Enya is number 28, in front of artists such as Sir Cliff Richard, Mark Knopfler and Adele. Richest of them all is of course Sir Paul McCartney. 

In a comment on Enya beating Adele on the list, Daily Mail writes:

When she last scored a top 10 hit John Major was Prime Minister and the internet had barely taken off.

More than twenty years later, reclusive singer-songwriter Enya has been revealed to be the wealthiest woman in British and Irish music with a fortune of £91m.

The feat is the all the more impressive because she has beaten global superstar Adele who holds the record for the world’s best-selling album of 2015 and saw her riches rise by £35million in the past 12 months to £85m.

In comparison Enya’s has seen an increase of just £1m since last year, but it still leaves her sitting ahead of Adele in the annual rich list rankings compiled by The Sunday Times.

In a career spanning four decades, Enya has released eight albums since 1987 and sold an estimated 75m records.

Dubbed the ‘Queen of New Age’, her distinctive vocals have been described as a fitting soundtrack for cathedrals and yoga sessions.

The notoriously reclusive Irish singer, who has sung in ten languages including Latin and Gaelic, does not tour her music and typically takes lengthy breaks between releasing new albums.

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