Enya’s New Christmas Compilation – Christmas Secrets


Enya has a present for her fans this Holiday season! “Christmas Secrets” is a compilation featuring 12 tracks taken from “Amarantine – Christmas Editition” (2006), “And Winter Came…” (2008) and “Sounds of the Season – The Enya Collection EP” (2006).  

This must not be interpreted as a “full” Enya release. It is not mentioned on Enya.com, there will be no CD or LP, and the photos are taken from the 2006 US-only EP. “Christmas Secrets” is more like an official playlist. As we know from the past, every “major” Enya album will be released in November, not mid-December.

Here is the compilation on Youtube: 

The official description is: “Christmas Secrets is a new album specially curated with all of Enya’s festive hits.”

Here’s the Twitter message, the first in three years:

— Enya (@official_enya) December 6, 2019

I guess the conclusion is: as with any Christmas secret, you don’t as why – you just say thanks 🙂

“Christmas Secrets” inludes the following songs, as seen on Spotify:


For your reference, here’s the US 2006 release: