It’s Time to Take Enya Seriously


Influential webpage has a post called “It’s Time to Take Enya Seriously”. They write: “For years, Enya’s music was treated as a cultural punchline, the eerily soothing soundtrack to countless crystal shops and Pure Moods commercials. But lately, a new generation of artists—from Weyes Blood to Nicki Minaj—is proudly claiming the misunderstood Irish auteur as an influence.” It seems to be a brand new day – both for Enya and New Age music!

On the episode, Pitchfork Editor Puja Patel is joined by Contributing Editor Jenn Pelly, a recently converted Enya fanatic, for a discussion about the depth and complexity of Enya’s artistry and the ways she maintained creative control of her music and image in a male-dominated industry:

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Enya is officially hip & cool again 🙂

Above picture by s_bukley – Used under license