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Take Enya For A Drive


The new ŠKODA ENYAQ is derived from the Irish name ‘Enya’, meaning ‘source of life’. Enya itself comes from the Irish Gaelic word ‘Eithne’, meaning ‘essence’, ‘spirit’ or ‘principle’.

It must be said that ŠKODA has not named the car after Enya the singer, but her fame has surely had something to do with the name being used in this context.

According to avondhupress.ie:  “‘Enya’ is authentic, full of character and lively, easy to pronounce and remember and fits perfectly with the dawn of a new era in the company’s 125-year history.

Like the names of ŠKODA’s successful SUV models KODIAQ, KAROQ and KAMIQ, which are derived from the language of the Inuit people living in northern Canada and Greenland, on this occasion ŠKODA combines their future all-electric vehicle with the Irish language.

The ‘E’ at the beginning of the name stands for electromobility; the ‘Q’ at the end creates a clear connection to the virtues of a ŠKODA SUV.”

Enya the signer is no stranger to having things named after her, see: A new species of fish named after Enya And Enya’s music has been used in several car commercials, this being the most famous (what a fantastic video!!!):

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