How to Find the Best Headphones for Your Digital Piano


Being a dedicated musician necessitates a lot of work. You need to practice constantly in order to improve your playing skills. Every day you should learn more and more, becoming a better musician. However, when you live in a small apartment and you play at your digital piano, you know that you need your privacy. You might also be aware of the fact that neighbors might be disturbed by the noise you make while rehearing, so choosing one good pair of headphones would be the perfect solution for this situation.

Article by Jason Antoon

To avoid disturbing your roommates or neighbors, you will need to use some headphones for digital piano. If you do not own a music studio or you are unable to rent one, these headphones will be a lifesaver. Since you are going to spend a lot of time practicing, you should seriously consider purchasing some quality headphones. This way you will know for sure that the practice time will be more enjoyable, especially for your neighbors.

Finding the Best Headphones

When you are in the music store, when searching for the best headphones at an affordable price, you have to consider all their features. Finding the right pair of headphones is like finding the right musical instrument. It is up to you whether you change it for the better. Since your aim is to have better skills, you need to find the headphones with best features.

Firstly, the headphones should be very comfortable because you are likely to keep them on for a few hours. Another aspect to keep in mind is whether they leave your hearing unimpaired after you use them. Sound quality is also an important feature as you look for digital piano headphones. That is why you have to test the headphones in the store before you buy them, carefully listening to the touch and the sounds it reproduces.

Types of Headphones

Closed-Back Over-Ear Headphones

This type of headphones are the most popular ones, being available at every electronics store. Closed-back headphones are different from open-back headphones because they feature a solid outer shell. They do not permit the air to pass through the cups. These sealed ear cups are more likely to provide you with deep and powerful bass, unlike open-back ones.


One of the main advantages when purchasing this type of headphones, is that they provide great noise isolation. Therefore, you will be able to practice without hearing any external noise. These headphones block the outside noise. In case you have a crowded apartment, this pair of headphones can block anything around, without disturbing your rehearsal.

A pair of closed-back headphones can also prevent your music from leaking. No one situated near you in your apartment will be able to hear as you practice. Hence, your roommate can easily read, sleep or watch TV next to you without a problem. Even if they bring a lot of benefits, you may also find some downsides when using these headphones.


Closed-back headphones can trap moisture and heat because of the lack of air flow. Hence, they might not be worn for longer periods of time. After you wear them for a few hours, you will surely need a break. However, if you purchase some with softer padding and bigger ear cups, they will be more comfortable.

Specialists claim that the perceived width and depth of the sound, namely soundstage, seems to be smaller for closed-back headphones. Furthermore, they are less airy in comparison with open-back headphones that generate live-like sounds.

Open-Back Over-Ear Headphones


The most important benefits when using this kind of headphones is that the air flow increases your comfort. The excess moisture and heat can escape the cups. Therefore, you can easily wear them for extended periods without feeling any discomfort. Another great aspect about them is that they provide airy soundstage compared to closed-back ones. The experience is so vivid that you feel as if you are at a live performance since the sound is clear and natural.


These headphones are less common compared to closed-back ones. Their main disadvantage is related to the lack of isolation. In several circumstances, this could turn into a real problem. That is why open-back headphones are not really efficient for casual use. Nevertheless, some musicians prefer these over closed-back once, arguing that they provide a wider soundstage and a more natural sound. Hence, the listening experience becomes more enjoyable.

This type of headphones is poorly isolated because their ear caps feature grills. This way, they allow the sound and air to pass through the cups. Unfortunately, as you wear them, you will hear all the sounds from the surrounding environment. Hence, this is a pretty big problem since you need silence to rehearse and improve your piano playing skills.

Others see this downside as an advantage since you will be able to hear your crying baby, your phone ringing or if someone is knocking at the door. However, specialists highlight another important drawback, indicating that they leak the sound in the surrounding environment. Therefore, anyone around you can hear you playing since these headphones do not provide any isolation.

Examples of the Best Digital Piano Headphones

1.      Fostex TH-900

This pair of headphones is best to isolate you from the rest of the world and practice your piano playing. Furthermore, you can also plug them in and listen to previous recordings of you playing to figure out what you need to change in order to improve your singing. Even if they might seem expensive, they are surely worth it because they generate high-quality sounds. This pair of closed-back headphones is able to develop warm tones. Its sound quality surpasses the performance of other headphones. They are made from Japanese birch cherry wood, featuring a very dynamic range.

2.      Sony MDR-7506

Sony is a famous brand, known for its high-quality products. Therefore, it could not fail you with this pair of digital piano headphones. They are an exquisite choice, providing an extraordinary sound quality. The Sony MDR7506 have a closed-back design. They isolate external sounds and these headphones also feature a 1/8” and 1/4″ connectors. Hence, you can use them both for listening to your Mp3 player and to play your digital piano. This pair of headphones is extremely comfortable due to its great design. the headphones have coiled chord and gold connectors.

3.      Beyerdynamic DT880

This model is truly spectacular since it features a semi-open back. Hence, you obtain the necessary sound isolation that closed-back headphones offer and the spacious sound of a pair of open-back headphones. Besides offering a great sound quality, they are also extremely comfortable. Therefore, if you need to sit in front of your piano for a few hours, these headphones will ease your practice time. The headphones can reproduce sound exceptionally well. Furthermore, they are coiled with 9.8 ft of cable, being fully serviceable and having a frequency response of 5-35kHz.

4.      AKG K 451

This set of earphones is professional, and available at a great price. They provide a sound quality that feels almost too good to be true. They are slim, featuring a stylish design. Furthermore, they are very light, allowing users to carry them around and wear them for endless hours. The cups are padded, providing extra comfort and the headphones do not leak sound. They are able to prevent disturbances. The headphones offer a terrific bass response, with a good treble response and clear mid-levels. They nurture smooth sound reproduction across their dynamic range.

5.      Bose Quiet Comfort 25

Even if it is pricier, this brand only produces quality headphones. They are in style and they sound is just exquisite. The headphones provide accurate frequency production and crystal clarity of the sound across the spectrum. You should not miss out on them if you can afford them. This pair of headphones can cancel out external noise, offering you the best quality sound that money can buy.

6.      SOL Master Tracks

This pair of headphones has a sleek package, being stylish and comfortable. Furthermore, Apple users will be provided with a remote that has great functionality. However, you will have to pay extra for these added features. The headphones reproduce a resonant, clear treble end and a punchy bass sound. Hence, they deliver a great full-bodied sound. You can find them at an affordable price even. They are known to be some of the best on the market.

When you are starting a music career, you want to know that every instrument and tool you use can surely help you improve your performance. There is nothing like a great pair of digital piano headphones to help you improve your piano playing. Finding the best pair of headphones at an affordable price is not easy. However, if you know what features to look for when shopping, you will find exactly what you need. They will make your practice time more enjoyable and efficient and will also spare you from the ugly looks of the disturbed neighbors.

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