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Nicki Minaj Inspired by New Age Music



Superstar Nicki Minaj made a comfession; she is a New Age music fan! According to Cosmopolitan, via V Magazine:

[…] when the writer asks her if she has any musical influences that would surprise people. “One of my biggest is Enya,” Nicki said. “There are two records early in the album where the airiness and the whimsicalness remind me of Enya, and I sort of crafted it thinking about her and the way her music makes me feel.” On the one hand, this isn’t that surprising, because who doesn’t love Enya? But on the other, it is a little bit shocking to hear the woman who blessed the world with “Anaconda” admit that she chills out to New Age music in her spare time. Fingers crossed that she’s working on a remix of “Orinoco Flow” right this second.

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