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Benjamin Dara Soon to Release “At Peace”


Here is a press release from Benjamin Dara:

Benjamin Dara is a surging new age and spiritual musical artist. As a songwriter Dara is quickly becoming renowned for his ability to create music with meaning. His soon to be released music video “At Peace” is another example showcasing the message behind the music.

“I wanted viewers to realize that peace isn’t something that just happens. Sometimes it is something you have to work and even fight for.” This sentiment is represented throughout the video as scenes span the tranquility of nature and the reality of being an urban musician.

Dara’s video is scheduled to debut on January 11, 2014 at 1:11 P.M. The music video for “At Peace” has significance to the strategic release from the very beginning. Teaser segments were released on January 1, 2014 to pay homage to recently passed symbol of peace Nelson Mandela. According to Dara, “The video will be released on 01/11 to recognize the anniversary of Voltaire’s teachings being banned over 250 years ago.”

Benjamin Dara will soon give the world another way to enjoy his music. As a singer and artist Ben and the skillful musicians that accompany him have always believed that music has a greater purpose. For the first time ever “At Peace” will give viewers a visual journey to the fan favorite song.