The Secret movie soundtrack



From time to time I get a mail from a reader asking if I know anything about the new age music soundtrack to the popular Movie The Secret (2006) by Rhonda Byrne. The music is not released as a soundtrack CD, but an audiobook is available where the music from the movie can be heard in the background. Recently the movie’s IMDB page was updated with a comprehensive list (thank you, Alejandro).

One of the best songs used in the movie is Hemstock and Jennings’ Mirage of Hope (chilled mix). It is a very powerful song with an Enigma-like atmosphere. The buildup is very well done. It is a proof that trance and new age are neighboring countries in the world of music.

You can hear where the music is used about 16 minutes into this free 20 minutes long preview of The Secret movie! The song is also being used on Discovery channel.

The song by Hemstock and Jennings is available on iTunes here.

Another song used in the movie is Thomas Newman’s theme from American Beauty called Plastic Bag Theme. You can get it here.

That is no Secret 🙂