Carla Patullo Wins Grammy with “So She Howls”


Carla Patullo won the 2024 Best New Age, Ambient or Chant Album Grammy award for So She Howls. “We really didn’t expect it and it was just wild,” said Patullo to Western Mass News. So She Howls is a raw musical journey about grief, healing, and recovery following a life-changing confrontation with death. 

“I was the last name announced too, and they would announce it one by one, so the anticipation kept growing,” says Patullo to WGGB/WSHM. “When something shocking but good happens, it’s pretty amazing.”

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Each track on So She Howls transports the listener into an immersive new mind-state. And altogether, as the tracks evolve from haunting soundscapes into uplifting anthems of recovery and resilience.

With So She Howls, Patullo creates a blend of howling vocals, orchestral swells, and electronic pulses, as well as field-recorded sounds from the natural and the machine worlds. Natural elements like rain and wind were field recorded and blended into the tracks So She Howls and To Forest Scenes, which features an emotionally charged solo by Lorenza Ponce.

Whereas other tracks such as Machine Dreams implement manmade-like elements such as hospital radiation machinery, urban traffic sounds, and killer electric viola by Martha Mooke. In several tracks, the strong and open-hearted voices of the choir Tonality marry with Patullo’s vulnerable and intimate vocals to create intricately sculpted soundscapes, each track transporting the listener into an immersive new mind-state, evolving from hauntingly beautiful lullabies into uplifting anthems of recovery and resilience.

Congratulations, Carla!!!

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