Kej & Kellerman aim for 2017 release



In an interview with webpage Grammy winner Ricky Kej says that he and Wouter Kellerman aim to release new material by 2017. But they are not sure that it is going to be a New Age music album. Kej says that he wants to create any kind of music that inspires him.

The interview goes like this:

Are you enjoying all the attention you have been getting after the Grammys?

It opens a lot of doors obviously, for a musician. For instance, I do not do commercial music or film music, so the attention after Grammys will encourage me to continue doing what I am doing. That is very important.

I have chosen the part of doing mature music and the recognition from the Grammys has just validated it. The media attention has assured me that I should continue doing what I am doing.  

You have been nominated and awarded for many projects in the ad space. Do you think it took a while before you got one in Music?

I am 33 right now and a Grammy looked like an unattainable dream, but I have achieved it. It is the biggest music award and I feel fortunate to have been given that honour. It came in pretty early and it is amazing. I do not know what my next goal is, as getting a Grammy is suppose to be an end goal in a music career. The biggest music award you can possible get.

How did you meet Wouter Kellerman and for how long were you working on the project?

We met three years ago and it took us two years to complete the album. We had mutual admiration for each other’s music. We started with two compositions-one he created for Nelson Mandela and the other piece was about Mahatma Gandhi, which I had created. Basically, during the conversation we thought that we should work on each other’s track. I sent him my Gandhi track and he sent me his Mandela track and we worked on it. That way, we had a cross pollination of thoughts. During that process, we worked on a whole lot of new music and we travelled around the world recording musicians we admired and musicians we wanted to work with. In two years, we completed the project.

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