Fiona Joy and Technology



Webpage has a nice interview with Fiona Joy where she talks about recording, the term New Age music and life in general. She even quotes this blog, New Age Music Odyssey, and her Best artist 2013 award.


“Down Under” music fans will need little or no introduction to Fiona Joy. This Aussie artist has received numerous accolades from the Australian music industry for her inspired compositions and performances. Fiona Joy is not only an accomplished composer-musician, but also a very talented painter. Most recently, Fiona Joy recorded Signature Solo her first album for Cookie Marenco’s audiophile label, Blue Coast Records.

I caught up with Fiona Joy as she was embarking on a month-long concert tour of the western United States and we chatted about her life and career in music.

Blu-rayDefinition: Let’s start at the beginning. How did a young Fiona Joy get exposed to the piano in the first place and what inspired her to pursue a career in music?

Fiona Joy: When I was born, my grandmother moved in to look after me and brought a beautiful 80-year-old German piano into our home. My mother had learned to play this piano and showed me where the notes on the staff and stave appeared on the keys. At eight years old, I discovered Beethoven’s Für Elise, and six weeks later, I was playing it. I begged my mother and grandmother for lessons, knowing that all I really wanted to do was write my own music. As a child, I had Tourette’s syndrome and the piano was a saving grace in my life. It was how I discovered who I was, how I could communicate, what I was good at and where I belonged.

I started writing music at age eight and my first album, Portrait of a Waterfall, featured “For the Roses” (written at age twelve) and “Escarpment Dreaming” (written at age fourteen). But it was not until I turned thirty-eight that I entered the recording studio and, after that, doors kept opening. Now I have the International Radio’s Best Piano Album and the Best New Age Artist awards for 2013.

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