Interview with David & Steve Gordon



Webpage has a great interview with David & Steve Gordon about the new installment in the Drum Cargo series. It goes like this:

mwe3: How many Drum Cargo titles have been recorded and released on Sequoia Records and can you tell the readers something about the basic concepts of the series and how would you say the recently released Rhythms Of Earth title is unique from the other Drum Cargo albums? Is there a musical thread running through the series?

David Gordon: So far we have released 4 albums in the series, one for each of the four elements:

Drum Cargo: Rhythms of Fire

Drum Cargo: Rhythms of Water

Drum Cargo: Rhythms of Wind

Drum Cargo: Rhythms of Earth

The idea behind this series was to explore creating music using only drums, percussion and a small amount of Native American flute. We wanted to give ourselves this creative limitation and see if we could create music that was as engaging, interesting and satisfying as music that had more melodic instruments.

What we discovered was that it is not only possible, but not that hard considering the richness found in the sound of ethnic drums and how much more you can hear that richness once you remove all the melodic instruments.

Steve Gordon: For each of the 4 albums, we created beats and songs that expressed the qualities for that element. So for the new one, Drum Cargo: Rhythms of Earth, we used lots of large deep sounding drums and created beats that were earthy and empowering.

Read it here.