Interview with Fiona Joy Hawkins


Newspaper Camden Courier has published an interview with Fiona Joy Hawkins. Here she talks about life during the pandemic, modern music, and the future. “There’s less and less people who want to spend time sitting on their computer watching a live-streamed concert. People just want to go out and they want to see live music, however there are 12 months worth of artists knocking at the door trying to get booked into every venue,” Fiona says. 

About 2019 and 2020, Fiona comments:

“I’d just spent a whole month touring all the major concert halls in China and playing Carnegie Hall in New York. I was touring in America before coming back to find the bushfires at home. Then COVID hit and basically the traction that you lose as a musician is just from the highest rung of the ladder to the lowest. If a third of your income is touring and it goes to zero, then you’ve gotta learn to live stream pretty quickly.”

“I’ve just started doing music as meditation with Insight Timer meditation app and that’s going really well,” she said. It takes some getting used to because there’s no audience interaction and you finish your song and you think OK, did they like it? Didn’t they like it? What are people thinking?”

Read the whole interview here.