Interview with Fiona Joy



Sydney Morning Herald has an interview with Fiona Joy regarding her contribution to the Grammy nominated album Winds of Samsara. It goes like this:

If a Grammy nomination for an album featuring one of her songs wasn’t enough, Fiona Joy knew the portents were off the charts when she stepped onto the Qantas flight back home from Los Angeles early this week.

“I looked at the Oasis channel [on the inflight entertainment] and they were playing Grace, which is on the Grammy-nominated album, and it was really cool,” Joy said. “And [my 2013 album] 600 Years In A Moment was a featured artist album.”

While not having the profile or the outrage quotient of Iggy Azalea, the hits of Sia and Keith Urban (all three Australians having been nominated for Grammy Awards this year) or the teen hysteria audience of Sydney quartet, 5 Seconds of Summer (who slightly controversially didn’t get nominated), the north coast NSW-based Joy has a chance for her own brush with the world’s best-known music award.

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