Interview With Musical Duo Shunia


Webpage has an interview with Lisa Reagan Love and Suzanne Jackson about their music project Shunia. Here we learn about their backgrounds, how Shunia came to be, and how they work creatively. It is a great read!

Brandy McDonnell writes: “A former Miss Oklahoma, Reagan Love studied voice as an undergraduate under the late, legendary Florence Birdwell at Oklahoma City University. She and Jackson met when they were working on their master degrees in opera at the University of Maryland, and their friendship continued as they pursued professional careers in Washington, D.C,”

“We both sang at Washington National Opera together for 25 years, and then she had gone down this road of teaching yoga, creating a whole program of yoga for singers. And I created the soundtrack for it,” Reagan Love said.

“Since 1998, Reagan Love has been recording albums and composing music. She moved back to her home state in 2008 and accepted a voice faculty position at OCU. But the distance between their home bases — Jackson is based in Pennsylvania — didn’t stop the longtime friends from taking their musical bond to a new place. “We’ve just sort of been in that world together, loving yoga and loving chant. … We decided to do a chant album together because we’d both been chanting to other chant albums all these years,” Reagan Love said. Devotees of kundalini yoga, which involves chanting, singing, breathing exercises, and repetitive poses, Reagan Love and Jackson named their musical partnership Shunia, which means “still point.”

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“It’s where you try to get to when you meditate, where the mind is free of all the clutter of thought. That’s Shunia,” Reagan Love said.

Read Brandy McDonnell’s interview here. Highly recommended!

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