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Interview with R. Carlos Nakai



R. Carlos Nakai has been interviewed by World Music Central. Here he talks about his long career and life in general. It goes like this:

Patricia Herlevi: Your first album of Native American flute, Changes was released on Canyon in 1983. What was it like at that time to release a Native American flute recording? Who was your main audience? (I know that in the 1960’s and 1970’s a resurgence of various types of folk and traditional music had taken place…)

R. Carlos Nakai: At the time of my first project, I had shopped around consignment possibilities with all the “border town” Indian jewelry shops in the Four Corners area and none were interested. I then sold them at my booths at fairs and had a few return customers who wanted additional copies. Soon afterward, Canyon Records in Phoenix asked for an interview and my master tape which I supplied and signed a contract almost immediately, in hopes that they would be more successful in marketing my music. The rest is history.

My main audience became almost anyone who had attended my solo concerts and other presentations and that continues today but on an international scale.

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