Interview with Wayne Bethanis


Music writer Lucky Clark on webpage has done an interview with Wayne Bethanis. Here he talks about his creative process, New Age music and life in general. 

From the interview: 

Clark: I’ve had the opportunity to sample your songs and they remind me of the New Age piano music I reviewed by artists like George Winston, Liz Story, Philip Aarberg and David Lanz. That genre was surprisingly good for stress relief at the end of a hectic day.

Bethanis: I’m so glad. New Age music can be very healing and meditative and transportive.

Clark: As an appreciative consumer of music, I find myself mystified by its creation so I’ve got to ask: How does this work with you, as far as coming up with new material and the development thereof?

Bethanis: Thank you for asking. My compositional process is often really channeled. I’ll sit at the piano and an idea with occur to me, maybe a melody, and it really sort of creates itself; and I think the years of classical training that I have, there’s a sense of balance and proportion to making that three- to five-minute New Age or Contemporary Piano song.

Read the interview here.

And, as an early easter egg hunt, see you can find New Age Music Guide being mentioned in the interview too 🙂

Here is Wayne Bethanis’ latest album: