Laraaji Loves To Laugh


NPR has a great interview with Laraaji, hosted by Ari Shapiro. They talk about Laraaji’s music, gratitude and the power of laughter. 

LARAAJI: Well, laughter has always been the juice of my life in growing up in a family that was very laughter-friendly – uncles, aunts, cousins. So somewhere in high school, when I began exploring comedy, writing comedy and then into college, performing with various comedy teams…

SHAPIRO: I’m sorry. You were a comedian before or while you were a musician? I was totally unaware of that.


SHAPIRO: Really?

LARAAJI: When I came from Howard University to New York where I pursued standup comedy.


Listen to the interview here: 

You may read the complete interview here.

Above picture by Michael CoghlanCC BY-SA 2.0