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New Age Music Interviews



Here’s a repost of some great interviews with New Age music artists I did between 2008 to 2013. John P. Olsen has also participated on two of the interviews.

In this PDF-file you’ll find:

  • 2 interviews with Marc Enfroy
  • 2 interviews with Medwyn Goodall
  • Interview with Paul Heinerman
  • Interview with Peter Buffett
  • Interview with Clifford White
  • Interview with Colin O’Donohoe
  • Interview with Dan Kennedy
  • Interview with Harlan Mark Vale
  • Interview with Jillian Goldin Aversa
  • Interview with Joel Kanning
  • Interview with Ken Elkinson

I’m very happy about bringing these interviews back online. I wanted to post them one by one, but since they are old, that somehow doesn’t seem right.