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Ryan Farish: New paths to music success



Ryan Farish has become one of the most succesful artists in the business, and has like few others made it in the new music economy. Here is an interview with Mr. Farish on Rainnews – where he offers many great advises to artists, and tells the story behind his success:

“It all started with MP3.com,” Farish told us, referring to Michael Robertson’s breakthrough service founded in 1997, which operated until 2003, changing ownership along the way. “Randomly, someone asked whether my music was on MP3.com. It wasn’t at the time, so I put it on there.”

Recognition came slowly for Farish’s music, but the more important part was an inner realization about musical integrity. “All of a sudden I realized that there were many derivatives of electronic music, and many artists around the world … and I didn’t have to fit my music to just my local radio. I could just do my thing.”

Farish’s popularity on MP3.com grew as his music received thousands of downloads each day, and at one point he landed at the number-11 spot on MP3.com’s global chart across al genres. His rising star attracted other outlets — one of them being The Weather Channel, which used music to soundtrack its segments.

“The Weather Channel started playing my music in regular rotation. There was probably a period of years when I was one of the most-played artists on The Weather Channel programming.” At about that time Farish created his own label, Rytone Entertainment. And then came YouTube.

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