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Yanni: ‘Gandhi Has Had a Major Influence on Me’



Yanni is back in India, 17 years after the legendary Taj Mahal concert. Arriving in India Yanni said:

“I feel that Gandhi-ji has been a major influence on what I am today,” he told reporters here ahead of his performance on the opening day of the festival at the Laxmi Vilas Palace compound here.

Yanni popularized the combination of synthesizers with a full-scale symphony orchestra and is known as the world’s “True Global Artist.” He has held live concerts all over the world, including Beijing, and has since gained a massive following in China and overseas.

Now, the 60-year-old music producer wants to hold a concert in South Africa.

“I am producing concerts at all the places, including historic monuments. I use musicians and instruments from other cultures and will think about using Indian musicians and instruments in my songs,” he said.

On his genre of music, Yanni said, “I never believed that my music fits into any genre or category. It is simply music and it encompasses a wide variety of cultural and musical style influences.

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