Jean-Michel Jarre Live at the Dead Sea


Today’s Jean-Michel Jarre performance at the Dead Sea is a concert with a message. “For me, the whole point of this project is to make people aware of the urgency of dealing with the Earth as a whole,” Jarre said to the Guardian. “The concert will contribute to, I hope, organising the resistance against all the [Donald] Trumps of the world.”

From the Guardian story:

“The lake shared by Israel, Jordan and the Palestinian territories, which is the lowest and saltiest body of water in the world, is receding by roughly a metre per year. Experts have said it is on course to dry out by 2050.

The musician said he wants to “make the world aware” of the danger. Jarre, 68, spoke of the lack of oxygen in the Dead Sea – an allusion to his best-known album, Oxygene.”

Read the complete story from The Guardian.

Tickets are available here.