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Kevin Keller Orchestral Premier


Kevin Keller has some interesting news for us today. He writes:

“My first orchestral premier is taking place this month, in Dayton, Ohio. I’ll be traveling to the premier that weekend, and I’m very excited to hear Not In My Name performed by an orchestra!”

Not In My Name is a follow-up to In Absentia (2009). It is a stylistic gene-splicing of minimalism and ambient music. Not In My Name was commissioned by Ray Sullivan and Miami Contemporary Dance Company.

“When Ray Sullivan first approached me with his idea for a dance work about holy war and acts of man in the name of God,” says Keller, “I was immediately inspired. With my own interest in the early Christian and Islamic faiths, I was excited about the opportunity to explore these ideas and express them in music.”

Tickets to the event can be bought here.

Sample the album here: