Kitaro Talks of His Interest in Iranian Folk Music


Kitaro is going to hold his second concert in Iran on May 6 at Interior Ministry’s Great Hall in Tehran. “By listening to the music, I became interested in the music and culture of Iran. I’ve also learned a lot from the country’s folk music,” says Kitaro.


“About 28 years ago, I composed a piece of music named Kojiki with the main theme of the whole existence. While making the piece, I took advantage of the guidance of Professor Kazunari Shibata who is a leading expert in the solar system. The piece contains some concepts which can be realized only through indulging oneself in it. I will perform the piece during my Tehran concert,” says Kitaro.

He referred to the warm welcome that his Silk Road Album has received in Iran and said, “I’m very proud to see that Iranian people love the music. Hereby, I express my deep gratitude to the Iranian culture because to compose the music, I drew on the rich culture of the region.”

The Japanese musician underlined that he has listened to the music of many Iranian musicians and added Iran is home to a rich collection of music.

“There are many nations which have their own music. I’ve always paid respect to each nation living in a special geography. I try to communicate with each nation and culture through music,” he noted.

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