Tangerine Dream Concert Cancellation


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Click to read Tangerine Dream’s response to the cancelated Tel Aviv concert.


Last night [11 May] we had to learn about the very short-term cancellation of the planned Tel Aviv concert. Needless to say that we were shocked by such an unprofessional behaviour of the local promoter of this concert. In fact he informed the press earlier about this cancellation than he gave notice to our management. We would have performed in Israel because the absence of music would not change any political consciousness like some British colleagues wanted to force us to believe. So it is even more tragic that the Tel Aviv-promoter has cancelled the concert.
It shows that we have not been very lucky with the blown gigs of Barcelona, Russia and Israel. There are rumors of strange circumstances behind the scene we are not in the legal position to talk about at this stage. Fact is that we haven’t worked with these local promoters before and have given them a kind of a test run which unfortunately totally failed despite solid contracts. Ironically all three of them claimed “the band has cancelled the show” which is a blatant lie. We can prove that we are holding already flight tickets and working visas etc. in our hands. So finally, we as management and band, like to apologize very much for all the inconveniences caused to those fans who already bought their tickets or made other travel arrangements.
We passed all necessary paperwork to our lawyer’s office now. All other European concerts will be on as planned. Once again please accept our deepest apologies for the things happened. It seems to be the case that we are living in a global atmosphere creating a lot of trustlessness and reckless business behaviour. Unfortunately we became a part of this strange behaviour. We will keep you updated.

TD Management & Band