Will Ackerman – The Gathering 4 Guitars


“The Gathering 4 Guitars” is a concert with Will Ackerman, Trevor Gordon Hall, Todd Mosby and Vin Downes. Five concerts are currently planned. 

Will & co. will perform solo, duet, trio and, in the end of the concert, unite as a quartet. In the below video you get a feel of what 4 Guitars is all about:

And here’s a live performance promo reel of Will Ackerman’s The Gathering 4 Guitars. Filmed at SOKA University, Feb 2018:

These are the concerts – only a week away:

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This is what Will has to say about 4 guitars and its artists:

“Todd Mosby, an absolutely brilliant guitarist who plays a wide variety of styles, but is considerably influenced by the music of India will be on stage, as will Trevor Gordon Hall who is THE young phenom out there today… while incredibly dynamic as a performer his music is never about simple gymnastics… this guy is all about heart.

Vin Downes is a brilliant guitarist and a heart-felt composer. He is one of the best and most soulful guitarists drawing breath on the planet today.

And, yes, they’re allowing me to play too! I just squeaked in, but managed to make the team! These are all musicians I’ve been honored to produce. This will be as good a night of guitar playing as you could hope for. I know I’m very much looking forward to it!”

It seems like Will is involved in just about every New Age music release these days, including FLOW and now 4 Guitars. We are so lucky to have him in our genre 🙂