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Terry Oldfield Autobiography – Only Now – Memoirs of a Musician, Fisherman and Free-Thinker


On 21st June, Terry Oldfield will release his autobiography called Only Now – The Terry Oldfield Story – Memoirs of a Musician, Fisherman and Free-Thinker.

“It has been an epic and amazing 2-year journey for me,” says Terry. “Reliving the Terry Oldfield story and delving into all those faded memories that at times seemed to have been almost lost in the mists of time. My companion in this adventure has been my good friend “Joe McGowan” to whom I owe a great debt of gratitude. I am quite certain that without his knowledge and expertise this book would never have come to fruition.”

The book will be available on Amazonas paperback, hardcover and Kindle/e-book.

Here is the publisher’s description:

Terry Oldfield is a globally-renowned musician and composer best known for an idiosyncratic style of flute playing with such emotional resonance it is often ascribed the power to heal an ailing soul. His creative output includes over forty studio albums and at least ninety scores for film and television productions including the BAFTA nominated BBC series Kingdom of the Ice Bear and Emmy nominated Land of the Tiger and Twilight of the Dreamtime.

Brother of Sally and Mike Oldfield, Terry’s course through life and musical success has been one of oscillating fortunes involving tough experiences such as labouring at an Australian copper mine, a stress-related breakdown, two painful divorces and losing an eye to choroidal melanoma.

In these revealing memoirs Terry openly recalls his personal journey and the spiritual awakening it gave rise to, where insights into musical performance and commercial composition are enriched by family memories, philosophical reflections and joyful reminiscences of days spent simply living in the moment while salmon fishing.

With many entertaining anecdotes along the way featuring Mick Jagger, Prince Charles, David Attenborough and friends Richard Branson, Leonard Cohen and veteran actor Bernard Cribbins, Terry Oldfield’s Story is one of constant surprises tempered by levity, beauty and a serene undercurrent of existential enquiry. Only Now speaks to all of us on a human level, carrying a universal message of courage, humility and hope in a life as unique as the self-taught musical style with which Terry Oldfield beguiles audiences around the world.”

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