Constance Demby, New Age Composer, Is Dead at 81


The New York Times recently posted an article called “Constance Demby, New Age Composer, Is Dead at 81“. If you missed it on April 2, it is a great read – dedicated to one of this genre’s finest artists!

Neil Genzlinger writes:

“Ms. Demby’s 1986 album, “Novus Magnificat: Through the Stargate,” was a breakthrough for both her and the New Age genre, selling more than 200,000 copies, a substantial figure for that type of music. Pulse magazine named it one of the top three New Age albums of the decade and called it “a landmark, full-length electronic symphony reminiscent of Baroque sacred music with crystalline effects that take you out of the realm of everyday experience.””

“Eleni Rose-Collard, her former assistant, saw the effects of Ms. Demby’s music on audiences, including those who came to her studio for small-scale house concerts.

“Her home concerts were magical, immersive, healing, profound,” Ms. Rose-Collard said by email. Ms. Rose-Collard herself experienced those effects.

“One of my deepest memories was being there with her while she was composing ‘Novus Magnificat,’” she said. “I was across the room, I fell to my knees, crawled to her, put my head in her lap and sobbed.”

Read the whole article here.

Thank you, Constance, for the music!