Laraaji – Celestial Vibration


Originally released under the name Edward Larry Gordon, Celestial Vibration is the hypnotic debut album from New Age music vanguard Laraaji.

At its time of release in 1978, Celestial Vibration was wholly unlike anything that existed, with Laraaji’s bewitching implementation of the zither and kalimba.

Celestial Vibration is available on Bandcamp:

The record was issued in New York, where Laraaji lived, as a private pressing with very little distribution.

Today, Celestial Vibration is recognized as a prescient slice of Laraaji’s illustrious career.

For more information and music samples, visit Bandcamp. Also, see New Age Music Guide’s Laraaji coverage here.

Source: Bandcamp. Picture by Michael Coghlan C BY-SA 2.0