Laraaji – Sun Zither


“Sun Zither” is a re-release of Laraaji’s 1984 album with the same name. It contains 90+ minutes of non-stop sun-drenched “Zither Ecstacy”. 

The album is, according to Laraaji, “a sound journey through ecstatic hammered open-tuned zither string board, through jazz-funk rhythms with improvised rubber-tipped mallets, through rattled, stopped Zither.”

Here is part 1: 


“Sun Zither” is: “Chaos with wooden chopsticks, through ethereal steel slide string sound exploration to take the classic zither sound way out of the box. An exploratory adventure in sustained open modal tuning, elegant electronics and virtuoso performance mastery,” concludes Laraaji.

Check out the Bandcamp page, where you can get the album.