Shaman Journey by Grayhawk


The New Age music classic Shaman Journey by Grayhawk weaves a rapturous tapestry of sumptuous emotional color, underscored by a lush array of nature’s voices as we sail through the shamanic underworlds of Hawaii, Lemuria and the dream lodges of Native America.

Shaman Journey moves the audience into hearing what I heard, seeing what I saw and feeling what I felt in a powerful and transcendent moment revealing the interconnectedness of life and its interdependent nature,” says Grayhawk.

Enjoy this encore performance of the Indie Music Channel Award winning (Best Jazz Video 2021) Tropical Waterfall feat. Paul Horn:

This highly praised, best-selling classic also features the haunting cello of GRAMMY® Award Winner, David Darling complemented by a superbly powerful 80-piece orchestra and choral ensemble conducted by the composer.

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