Tangerine Dream – Phaedra Outtake: Organ Piece


On the remastered 16-CD/2-Blu-Ray set “In Search of Hades: The Virgin Recordings 1973 – 1979” – to be released on June 14th –  are two discs of outtakes from the “Phaedra” sessions at the Manor Studios in Oxfordshire, England. Now the first outtake, “Organ Piece”, has been released as a single.

“Organ Piece” was recorded in November 1973. Check it out:

The complete “Phaedra” outtakes are (all tracks previously unreleased):

CD Two:

November 1973 – Phaedra Outtakes Volume 1

1. “2nd Day”
2. “Flute Organ Piece”
3. “Phaedra Out-Take version 2A”

CD Three:

November 1973 – Phaedra Outtakes Volume 2

1. “Phaedra Out-Take 1”
2. “Phaedra Out-Take 2B”
3. “2nd Side piece 1”
4. “2nd Side piece 2”
5. “Organ piece”

Also, here’s Tony Palmer’s classic film of “Tangerine Dream live at Coventry Cathedral in 1975” (sadly without the original Rubycon recording).

See the Rolling Stone article on the upcoming TD set here.